Bone Broth

Bone Broth has been gaining popularity recently as the “new green juice” but why? It is touted for supporting joint health, reducing osteoarthritic pain, lessening cosmetic signs of aging due to being dense in collagen, gelatin, chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. The amino acids proline, glutamine and arginine also help seal openings in the gut lining aka. leaky gut syndrome. There is also the argument that us meat eaters are dining on only muscle tissue and leaving out nutrient dense connective tissues and bones, due to their unappetizing quality to a western palate.

On an intuitive level like-treats-like, this is a principal used in herbalism and homeopathy. If you are having issues with chronic injury of tendons or ligaments and they are slow to heal, one way of nourishing them is to add them to your diet.

I have been experimenting with bone broth on and off for a while now, the off part being due to the labor involved in making it. I like to supplement my homemade supply with Belcampo Meats broth, but this is still difficult to always keep stocked. I recently discovered a bone broth protein powder via one of my favorite Podcasts @ReWild Yourself. It happened to be carried at the Santa Monica Co-Op so I grabbed some today and am excited to try it out. Cheers!